Meet Guardian Jet


"These aren't just the nicest people in the business, they're the smartest."

Bob S., Fortune 100 Company


Our team by the numbers:


15 Aircraft Type Ratings

9 Graduate Business Degrees

9 Market Analysts

8 Commercial Multi-engine Ratings

7 Certified Flight Instructors

6 Pilots with 3,000+ Flight Hours

6 Pilots with up to 1,600 Flight Hours

5 Airline Transport Pilot Licenses

5 Pilots with Single Engine, Land Ratings

6 Aviation Marketing Professionals

2 Certified Public Accountants

1 A&P Aircraft Mechanic

1 Technical/Software Professional

1 Flight Engineer

The Guardian Jet Team

Guardian Jet’s managing partners Mike Dwyer and Don Dwyer are joined by Mike Mikolay (Operations), Stan Smith (Technical), Doc Dwyer (Sales), Alena Shepard (Consulting) and Ben Schiraldi (Finance).

On the Brokerage side, our transactional experience includes backgrounds with seven different manufacturers and thousands of transactions from rotary to light jets and medium-size to ultra-long range aircraft equipment. 

Michael Dwyer »

Managing Partner

Don Dwyer »

Managing Partner

Mike Mikolay »

Executive Vice President & Director of Operations

Stan Smith »

Vice President, Technical Services

Michael "Doc" Dwyer »

Vice President of Sales

John Riccardi »

Chief Financial Officer

Trevor Lambarth »

Vice President, Europe

Russ Piggott »

Vice President, West Coast

Rick Smith »

Vice President, Southeast

Robert Garrymore »

Vice President, South Central

Edward Osgood »

Executive Vice President

Mike McCafferty »

Vice President, Northeast

Matt Walter »

Vice President, New England

Samantha Langen »

Sales Director, Midwest

Matt Rosanvallon »

Sales Director, Mid-Atlantic

Côme Charron »

Sales Director, Europe

Alena Shepard »

Finance & Marketing Director

Henry Rollings »

Senior Consultant

Ben Schiraldi »

CPA, Treasurer

Lenny Huntley »

Director of Information Technology

Mick Baumann »

Director of Maintenance

Kyle Canna »

Director of Market Research

Patrick Lynch »

Aircraft Sales

Keele Howard-Stone »

Aircraft Sales

John Peters »

Aircraft Sales

Meghan Carlson »

Marketing Specialist

Tory Cornell »

Vault Project Coordinator

Brett Gardner »

Aviation Financial Analyst

Bill McClure »

Product Owner, Internet Applications

Joan Dwyer »

Aircraft Market Researcher

Jill Henning »

Marketing Communications Director

Guardian Jet Team | Business Aviation Consulting, Aircraft Sales and Acqusitions
Guardian Jet has recruited individuals that complement each other and are selected first on the basis of excellence and second on strengthening the fabric of the company. With a passion for aviation as a common thread, Guardian Jet's success continues to be driven by our focus on integrity, industry expertise, and consistently providing business value to our Clients.