Vault 3.0 is Here! Don Dwyer Explains New Features, Benefits in Video

By Don Dwyer

May 30, 2019

The Vault 3.0 is here!

In this video blog, Guardian Jet’s Managing Partner, Don Dwyer, explains the new features and benefits of Vault 3.0, and why it’s even more user friendly.


Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Don Dwyer with Guardian Jet.

I’m really excited to tell you about the introduction of Vault 3.0.

We’re just back from Geneva where we introduced it … we launched it to the world. We had a ton of customers in our booth in Geneva at EBACE. It was tremendously received.

People get to understand what we do here at Guardian Jet very quickly by walking through the Vault.

The Vault is an online portal to everything we do here at Guardian Jet and Vault 3.0 is the latest version. We’ve loved having the Vault for five years now and one of the things that I’m excited about is that for the first four years, we’d add customers and we’d add features as we went along, and we saw the usage continue to grow.

It was a fairly steady increase in the business that we were doing online because we can track it and we can follow it. Until about 12 months ago and then we just saw usage spike. So we’re pretty excited that that happened. And even before the introduction of 3.0. I think 3.0, though, is the most exciting thing.

One, we have added more features so it’s a lot easier… there’s more thing you can find in there. But, it’s also a lot easier to use.

You know, we’re lucky here. We have these fabulous roster of customers. And some of them are the great high-tech companies of the world.

When we pitched to their executives about the Vault, they’d say, "Man, I love your data. I love that you guys hang onto this data. You track it. You research it. I love that I can get to everything that I do with you — whether it’s a contract for a sale or understanding the airplanes available to buy. It’s great. It’s just a little hard to get to."

And, of course, that’s their business. So they helped us understand that. So, you’ll see in Vault 3.0 that we made it much simpler.


Vault 3.0 Landing Page

The landing page starts with JetFinder and then accesses Your Vault. So right away you’re one click from what you want to do.

JetFinder is our tool that helps you understand what’s out there on the markets, what’s for sale. 120 model markets that we research here. Tremendous data on the prices of the airplanes. What we think they’re worth. Or what airplanes sell for.

So there’s a tremendous amount of data in JetFinder to help you look for your next thing. And then of course in Your Vault, it’s everything from what your current airplane is worth to all the documents if we’re buying or selling an airplane for you.

You know, if we’re selling an airplane for you, we log in every call and how we responded to it. Was it a broker, was it a principal? And how many times we’ve gotten in touch with them?

That’s all available to you to look at on Your Vault.

So it’s an incredibly transparent tool to help you understand what we’re doing when you don’t feel like calling in. Believe me, we want to talk to our customers. We’re talking to our customers all day long. But we want them to have access to the information 24/7. This is also a great way for us to grow internationally. Of course, we have sales people overseas, and we’ll continue to grow that part of our business. But we feel like that no matter where you’re located, you should have access to the best data in the world.

Of course, you have to be our customer to do that. But if you are willing to let us broker your airplanes, all of this is available to you for free.

So, it’s easier to use, there’s tons of information, and many many new features. And I think that spike in usage that we’ve seen is really going to grow now with Vault 3.0.

Give us a call, go online, let us know you want to see it, and we’ll arrange a demonstration.

Because I can tell you from EBACE, and the reaction we got from the people, you’re going to want to take a look.

Thanks so much. Give us a call here at Guardian Jet for anything that’s on your mind about the aviation business.

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