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YoPro Spotlight: Soaring with Passion: A Glimpse into Kyle Canna's Journey to BizAv

October 6, 2023

In this NBAA YoPro Spotlight, meet Guardian Jet's Kyle Canna, an individual whose journey through the aviation sector has been nothing short of inspiring. 

How/Why Did You End Up Working in Aviation?
"I always wanted to pursue aviation. I didn't grow up in aviation, but I was hooked from a young age and decided to go to college to learn how to fly and get an education in aviation science and management. During and even immediately after school, I was unaware that business aviation existed as a career path. As fate would have it, I grew up in the same town as the headquarters of Guardian Jet. I had no idea they were there until fall 2017, and I have been with the company ever since."

Describe Your Career Thus Far in as Few Words as Possible.
"I started my career in market research working on Bombardier and Learjet markets – then moved to researching Gulfstream markets. Since then, I have become the firm's first director of market research. I have now integrated my role in the research world with leading our firm's effort to buy preowned jets on behalf of clients. There typically isn't a pre-owned jet that is bought by our firm that I haven't either found for the client, recommended, or given my opinion on value. I am now working on becoming an American Society of Appraisers-certified appraiser and building up more hours. (I earned my pilot’s license and instrument rating while in college.)"

What Accomplishment Are You Most Proud Of?
"I am most proud that my colleagues in the industry value my opinion on market conditions, value, and other perspectives relating to business aviation."

Advice for Identifying Ambitious Yet Attainable Goals, Anything Goal Setting Related:
"I set yearly goals and work as hard as I can every day to get better and to achieve those goals. They can be found written on a whiteboard sitting next to my desk. I did not hit all of them last year and I won't hit all of them this year, but I don't think that's really the point. Some of them are actually attainable. (Buy seven Gulfstreams, for example.) And some of them are open-ended and always developing. (Be a good leader, for example.)"

Favorite Book, Podcast or Influencer for Personal/Professional Development:
“Good To Great” - Jim Collins
Books written by Mark Manson
“Creating Connecticut” - Walter Woodward
“Successful Leadership and Management in an Aviation Organization - Leader's Notebook” – Steven Taylor Saflin (director of aviation at multiple Fortune 100 companies.) Podcasts - Mostly sports / comedy related."

Favorite Aspect About Working in Business Aviation:
"The people / clients you meet and work with every day. The very expensive and highly technical jets are cool too."


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