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Guardian Jet's Managing Partners Don Dwyer and Mike Dwyer Joined by Vice President and Director of Operations Mike Mikolay

Where Aviation Meets Insight™

At Guardian Jet, we provide aircraft owners and operators with the most comprehensive market intelligence advice, customized to meet their travel needs.

We're not just another aircraft broker. We are our clients' strategic business partner regarding all things aviation.

Our consulting earns the right to execute trades.

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We're in a highly complex and fragmented industry, where access to reliable expertise can make the difference between saving millions of dollars or writing them off. That's why we're proud to provide proprietary data analytics to help you maximize your dollars and your mission. Our philosophy is to serve you uniquely, by developing a deep understanding of your operations and company culture.

Through this understanding, we can ensure alignment from your owner or "C-suite" all the way through to the flight department. And, ultimately, toward a finely tuned strategy for the purchasing and/or selling of aircraft.

With an enduring passion for aviation as a common thread, our success is driven by our focus on integrity, industry expertise and the ability to consistently deliver business value to you.

Our Five-Pillar Philosophy

Whether it's for first-time potential buyers or the world's largest and most sophisticated flight departments, we provide industry-leading aircraft brokerage and consulting services.

Our driving goal is to earn the right to buy and sell aircraft on our client's behalf using these five pillars:



Understanding aircraft values is at the heart of everything we do. We efficiently deliver the best data in real time via a Guardian Estimate™.

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Fleet Planning

Each fleet plan is written from three vantage points: travel, financial and strategic so it's in sync with your long-term corporate strategy.

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At Guardian Jet, we skillfully buy aircraft, keeping you actively informed and engaged from the initial "kick-off call" through delivery.

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Leveraging our external and in-house sales teams—and revolutionary sales process—we won't miss a beat regarding your aircraft sale.

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The Vault enables you to manage your aircraft like you would assets in a portfolio. Access aircraft data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Guardian Jet's team discussing prominent business at morning meeting

Our Team, By the Numbers

At Guardian Jet, one of our key differentiators is what we like to think of as our "bench strength."

That means you're not just hiring one aircraft broker, you're hiring a group of 30+ highly attuned aviation professionals. We're a diverse, experienced and nimble team, assembled to help ensure that the customer service you receive from us is flawless.

From operations and technical support to inside buying and selling, our cross-functional team can adapt quickly to changing customer and/or market needs.

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Our Multi-Disciplined Team


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Guardian Jet Timeline

  1. Launches Aircraft Brokerage

    Founded by seasoned aircraft brokers, Mike Dwyer and Mike Mikolay
  2. Provides First Fleet Plan

    Launches First Market Survey; first fleet plan and fleet replacement; services 2% of Fortune 100
  3. Serves 5% of Fortune 100

    Grows client base among Fortune 100 firms from 2-5%
  4. Serves 8% of Fortune 100

    Increases Fortune 100 penetration to 8%
  5. Grows Consulting Division

    Aircraft values plummet; renews focus on aircraft consulting services
  6. Grows Revenue 40%

    Introduces 20/20 Software; firm increases Fortune 100 penetration to 15%; grow revenue 40% from 2008
  7. Welcomes Don Dwyer

    Don Dwyer joins company as co-Managing Partner with brother Mike Dwyer; firm increases Fortune 100 penetration to 19%
  8. Launches Vault

    Launches the Vault, revolutionizing aircraft consulting and brokerage services; increases Fortune 100 penetration to 27%
  9. Introduces 7- Touch Sales Process

    First 40+ aircraft transactions; increases Fortune 100 penetration to 31%; Guardian Jet Trading Floor Call Center is born, revolutionizing how aircraft are sold with 7-Touch Sales Process
  10. Completes 50+ Transactions

    Expands presence in Europe; first 50+ aircraft transactions; increases Fortune 100 penetration to 34%
  11. Celebrates 15 Years

    Celebrates 15 years in business aviation; launches Vault 2.0; increases Fortune 100 penetration to 36%. Aircraft acquisitions move to the Guardian Jet Trading Floor and the number of acquisition transactions equals number of aircraft sales
  12. Generates $1B in Sales

    Realizes best year for sales and acquisitions with 87 transactions, totaling in $1B. The number of aircraft acquisition transactions exceed aircraft sales.
  13. Launches Vault 3.0

    Launches Vault 3.0 in May at EBACE with more robust JetFinder™ and Guardian Estimate™ online tools; Trading Floor expands to 10 members; Vault 3.0 becomes The Vault as accelerating product improvement becomes a constant.
  14. Best Year (Despite Pandemic)

    Accelerates transactions for private aircraft owners during global pandemic; Realizes best year for sales and acquisitions with record number of transactions; Strengthens internal technical expertise with development of an in-house Tech Library.

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