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Guardian Jet's highly trained inside sales team at the call center

At Guardian Jet, we help our elite clients like you secure the maximum value for their private jet in the shortest possible time.

Our tried and tested sales methodology is successful due to our Effective communication and our:

  • Vast understanding of your wishes
  • Accurate Guardian Estimate™ valuation and pricing
  • Thorough preparation of your aircraft specifications brochure
  • Extensive aircraft marketing program
  • Robust 7-Touch Sales Process
  • Pre-purchase inspection

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Our Private Jet Sales Progression 

Throughout the aircraft sales process, Guardian Jet will work alongside you and your team, and keep you well-informed of any offers and feedback from potential buyers. This communication is available via phone, email and also within your secure Vault. 

The Guardian Jet Difference


As an aircraft seller, it’s key to know that your aircraft broker has solid experience in the category and class of the aircraft you’re trading. Being able to trust this person or team is essential. After all, an aircraft is a highly technical, expensive product and one misstep could cost you hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

Sales Call Center

When a potential buyer inquires about your jet, our highly trained inside sales team will immediately answer any questions and provide aircraft specification and pricing on competing aircraft. Plus, we follow a mandatory 7-Touch Process that aids in the marketing of your aircraft. All details are documented within your Vault.

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Vault Subscription

In a dynamic market, it’s essential to have aircraft data distilled into an easy, understandable format. Your customized Vault portal enables you to track all sales activity 24/7/365. Plus, you can view contracts, offer letters, pre-buy inspections and more. Also access tools such as JetFinder™ and the Guardian Estimate™.

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Current Inventory

Check out our exclusive aircraft listings that we’re selling on behalf of our clients using our proprietary 7-Step Touch Plan.

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Recent Jet Sales

We sell Bombardier, Cessna, Dassault, Embraer and Gulfstream jets; Agusta, Bell and Sikorsky helicopters; and smaller light and midsize jets.

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Seeking these Models

Most of our highly qualified buyers are ready to make an immediate purchase, and have specific requirements to meet their needs.

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