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Financial Projection

At Guardian Jet we use financial projections to compare the aircraft and fleet options, financial vehicles and timing available to our clients.  First we determine all the different aircraft that can meet your mission.  By understanding all the costs associated with the ownership and operation of these aircraft over a set term we can help you best utilize your aviation budget. 

Our customers typically analyze whether to purchase, lease or finance their aircraft.  We apply the financial metrics your company decides is important including tax rates, NPV or hurdle rates, residual values, etc. to determine the real costs to you over the ownership period.  We study different timing options and ownership intervals through our financial projection process to help you understand what the future looks like.

Part 91, 10 Year Ownership

A comprehensive, cash flow budget projection includes a Life Cycle Cost (buy, fly, sell), scenario.  Projections consist of two parts, Operating Expenses and Capital Expenditures modeled to the operators’ financial criteria.  Buyers considering equipment they have not operated and Sellers wishing to educate prospective Buyers benefit from the cash flows.

New Versus Used

We compare the Life Cycle Cost of ownership of purchasing new aircraft versus pre-owned aircraft over a period of time.

Charter Versus Fractional Versus Whole Ownership

We analyze the Life Cycle Cost of charter vs. fractional vs. whole ownership to determine at what levels of utilization each make sense.

Fractional Versus Whole Ownership Break Even Analysis

We compare the Life Cycle Cost of fractional vs .whole ownership and plot a series of annual flight hours; 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 450, 500, 550, 600, to determine at what levels of utilization the lines cross and each strategy makes sense.

Part 91 Versus Part 135

It is helpful to know when generating charter revenues will help offset expense framed in the context of Life Cycle Cost and Net Present Value (NPV).  There are a number of circumstances where it makes sense and several scenarios where it does not make sense.

Cash Versus Lease Versus Financing

We compare the different options for financing your aircraft to help you understand their impact on your aircraft / fleet plan.

Residual Value Analysis

We use the historical residual value statistics to predict what the asset we purchase today will be worth in 5 to 10 years.  It is also instructive to look at what happens to residual value as an aircraft model is tracked against prevailing economic conditions.  While it is impossible to attempt to predict precisely what an aircraft will sell for in the future, it is a very valid exercise to examine how different model aircraft or age range of aircraft, have performed in the past to predict what their relative relationship will be in the future.  So residual value modeling is more of a decision-making differentiator today than a predictor of exact values in the future.

Custom Financial Analysis

It is not unusual for our clients to present specific financial challenges that require a tailored solution not addressed by the scenarios above.


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Guardian Jet - Financial Projection
A comprehensive, cash flow budget projection that includes a life cycle cost (buy, fly, sell) scenario.