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"As a financial market trader, it's fantastic to be able to find everything I need to know about my aircraft at the click of a mouse."

Larry S., Citation Sovereign & Encore Owner






GUARDIAN JET VAULT: Online Asset Management & Brokerage Portal

The revolutionary approach to jet search, valuation and more!

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The Guardian Jet Vault is a transparent, online aviation asset management portal. It's designed to help you quickly search for new or replacement aircraft. Easily manage your aircraft just as you would any asset. Plus, understand your aircraft value, the condition of the market it lives in and any replacement markets you would like to keep track of. All online, all in real time.



Think of JetFinder as the Edmunds® or Zillow® finder for jet aircraft.

  • Find the perfect jet. See what’s available in the market right now that best suits your needs using personalized criteria.
  • Get a Guardian Estimate™ of what we think your aircraft is worth as well as any replacement aircraft.
  • View pricing for recent aircraft sales.
  • Save and compare aircraft models that interest you.
  • Compare model specifications and technical performance of 100 aircraft models.
  • Compare cabin sizes to see passenger, distance and luggage capabilities.
  • Get automated financial projections (e.g., cash flows) based on your travel usage and parameters.
  • Use our aircraft range tool to see how far you can travel in each aircraft model.
  • Get notifications when an aircraft comes on the market, is sold or has a price change.


  • Find out the fair market price. Easily view a current Guardian Estimate™ for your aircraft (or fleet) based on current market conditions.
  • Access useful valuations in a document library in both mobile- and print-friendly formats. This saves you time calling us, and makes it easy to forward information to your partners in Finance, Tax, Legal and Insurance.



  • Actively manage your aircraft like assets in a portfolio over the short and long term.
  • Identify the right business jet, and conduct a trade at the right time and on the right basis.
  • Potentially save millions during strategic, well-informed and well-timed aircraft trades. 



  • Monitor the aircraft purchase and sales process throughout your entire transaction. View your welcome package, list of key players, all RFPs and sales process updates. If we’re selling an airplane for you, we’ll walk you through our proprietary 7-Touch Sales Process and you’ll see every inquiry we receive, who it was, and how we responded.
  • Access a historical archive, including your aircraft spec brochure, appraisal valuation, technical comparisons, purchase documents, offers, counter offers, agreements (from initial draft to executed versions), fleet plan, and many other valuable informational tools.


About Vault 3.0


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Guardian Jet Vault Benefits

Simply put, it:

-- Provides crucial knowledge and transparency around high-dollar airplane transactions—two things that are amiss in the unregulated world of aircraft brokerage services.

-- Delivers the best actionable analytics and insights for more informed decisions—both tactical and strategic decisions that will saves you millions with better timed and executed aircraft trades over the life of your assets.

-- Offers 24/7 online access to asset management and brokerage information, including every financial document and detail regarding your airplane’s make and model—simultaneous with those we receive at Guardian Jet. You can better understand and optimize aircraft values and the markets for 100 aircraft models, along with replacement options.



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Guardian Jet's Vault 3.0: The Next-Gen Approach to Asset Management & Brokering Services
Vault 3.0, guardian jet, JetFinder, online asset management
Described as a “supertool,” the Vault 3.0 is a next-gen airplane asset management and brokerage services portal designed for Clients of Guardian Jet. The data within the vault saves aircraft owners and operators money by improving decision-making.