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Guardian Jet Expands Brokerage Services by Adding Aircraft Appraisals

October 22, 2019

GUILFORD, Conn. – October 22, 2019 – Aircraft appraisal services are now available from Guardian Jet, providing jet aircraft owners the means to answer the question: “How much is my jet worth?” The answer is critically necessary in order to sell, insure or properly account for a jet aircraft. The new aircraft appraisal services represent a natural expansion of the Guilford, Connecticut-based firm’s existing aircraft acquisition, sales and consulting services.

Mike Dwyer, Managing Partner of Guardian Jet, describes the rationale for his company’s important new offering: “As the leader in understanding aircraft valuations, it was a very logical extension for us to move into appraisals,” he explains. “Not only do we have at our disposal the internal ‘back office’ expertise required to perform valuations, we have the contacts and clients to gain critical mass relatively quickly. The outcome is of tremendous value to aircraft owners and operators around the world, many of whom struggle to effectively assess their aircraft’s worth.”

Aircraft owners can choose from two types of Guardian Jet Aircraft Appraisals conducted using the nationally recognized Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP):

  • Onsite appraisal – An appraiser visits the client’s hangar and conducts a thorough, two-day assessment.
  • Desktop appraisal – An appraiser conducts online research and reviews maintenance records, virtually.

In both cases, Guardian Jet clients receive an exhaustive summary of their aircraft’s value, including the firm’s industry-leading Guardian Estimate™, a proprietary aircraft pricing valuation based on comparable equipment, along with a recent, six-month assessment of aircraft sales transactions (including information compiled from Guardian Jet’s proprietary Market Survey).

Both the onsite and desktop appraisals also include:

  • Description of the aircraft, its current status and installed equipment (to include all of the features that might affect its value).
  • Review of the aircraft’s maintenance history, based on online maintenance tracking programs.
  • Overview of the current aviation industry.
  • Assumptions and/or hypothetical conditions regarding the aircraft.
  • A Certificate of Appraisal.

The onsite appraisal goes further, featuring an in-person review of the aircraft’s interior and exterior condition; aircraft photos; cabin layout drawings; and a thorough review of the aircraft’s maintenance logbooks and use of maintenance tracking programs.

Additionally, when clients purchase an Aircraft Appraisal, they receive complimentary access to the Guardian Jet Vault for one year. The Vault enables users to track their jet’s value, and observe their aircraft’s real-time value as it moves move up or down in the market.

Learn more about Aircraft Appraisals, watch this appraisals video at or call +1 203-453-0800.

About Guardian Jet
Founded in 2002, Guardian Jet, LLC is a world leader in aircraft brokerage, appraisals and consulting. Based in Guilford, Connecticut—with satellite offices the U.S.A. and Europe—the firm distinguishes itself with its focus on integrity and industry expertise, and by consistently providing business value to clients. Guardian Jet’s core mission has always been to earn the right to buy and sell aircraft on behalf of its clientele by providing great consulting advice, market intelligence and flawless execution. The company’s online Vault aviation asset management portal is designed to help clients quickly search for new or replacement aircraft, and easily manage an aircraft just as they would any asset.

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