Côme Charron - Sales Director, Europe

Côme Charron

Sales Director, Europe

Côme Charron inherited a passion for aviation from his father, who was a longtime private pilot.

After becoming a pilot himself, he gained aviation industry experience flying in Europe and North America as well as working for the French Aeronautical Federation.

In 2011, with the completion of his business degree from La Sorbonne, in Paris, Côme decided to switch from piloting to selling aircraft. He then moved to the United Sates, joining Guardian Jet as a sales associate.

With his experience as a pilot and his background in finance, Côme quickly grasped the need for each client to have at the ready a personalized strategy to either purchase or sell an aircraft. Detail-oriented and always concerned about delivering the best, Côme is a valuable asset to our clients.

Côme earned a Master’s Degree in International Business from Hult Business School in San Francisco, CA as well as a Master’s Degree in Finance from the University of La Sorbonne in Paris, France.

In 2018, Côme Charron moved back to France and was promoted to Sales Director, Europe.